ASKON, Anatolian Lions Businessmen’s, which was founded to produce “justified riches” with the power it received from the accumulation of Anatolian lands and the principle of justice represented by our civilization, has been continuing to add value to its members, the national economy and the world since 1998.

ASKON, representing more than 100 sectors such as electronics, energy, IT, machinery, automotive, construction, chemistry, health, textile, leather, food, agriculture, animal husbandry, press / publication, packaging, services, education, while providing infrastructure support to its members to take firm steps, is also engaged in research and development activities to increase the competitiveness of our country in the global arena.

Headquartered in Istanbul, ASKON today has representative offices in 34 different cities in Anatolia and offices in important trade centers of the world such as Brussels, New York, Beijing, Jeddah, Jakarta.

Based on the principle of ‘justice’ in all its works and discourses, ASKON reinforces this understanding with publications such as ASKON BÜLTEN, which introduces the activities as reflected in the panel, training and seminar programs, and ASKON ÇEKİRDEK, which is the reflection of an intellectual effort.

With the Economic Reports it publishes every year covering different sectors and Sundays, it also provides guidance services to both its members and the country’s economy in order to draw the road map correctly.

ASKON continues to carry out its activities with the same enthusiasm and zeal since its establishment.

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