The fact that digital transformation has become an important element of the global economy in today’s conditions, where it has gained great importance, has caused significant changes in the course of the commercial world as well. Both the Digital Transformation Office established within the Presidency and the fact that companies are forming new administrations with “Digital Leaders” (CDO) shows us the importance of “digitalization” very much. In this context, digital transformation and global elements of painting a decisive position of the economy is the main factor in commercial structures and rules which are the basis for the emergence of new strategies and policies has brought the necessity accordingly.


The Digital Office and Coordination Center works to develop the necessary projects and meet the demands in this direction in order for the members operating within ASKON to adapt to the current variables of the global economy in the fastest way possible.


The Digital Office and Coordination Center will mediate for the digitalization of economic ,social and commercial life, and will provide coordination in these areas by increasing inter-institutional D-decoherence, it will carry out activities by accelerating bureaucratic processes and developing collaborations with the relevant ministries in order to reduce them to zero.


The Digital Office and Coordination Center aims to work on developing new ways for ASKON members to access new customers and innovative products and services, and to make referrals with requests from members in this area. With the revolution of digital manufacturing and service sector office; by conducting research and development incloud computing, Internet-based development, robotics, intelligent systems, environmental technologies, alternative energy, driverless cars, electric vehicles,medical technology and many other areas, provides support to members of the project development process for the provision of rapid digitalization process.