To increase the competitiveness of our members and our country, to fight for the elimination of injustices and to contribute to the shaping of economic life on a “moral” basis.


With the awareness of guidance and pioneering duty; In line with Turkey’s goals, policies and strategic plans; We analyze global markets, developing sectors, local and global economic developments, and provide opinions and recommendations to competent authorities, member institutions and entrepreneurs, we guide our members in terms of technology, R&D, industry, trade, finance, exports to strengthen their institutional infrastructure and strengthen them in international competition, also we implement seminar programs that will improve their performance, create collaborations between universities and the private sector, and share the knowledge, experience and relationships needed to be successful in national and international markets with our member entrepreneurs and organizations.

We support economic projects and studies that will contribute to the promotion of our country and our member organizations abroad, we establish a network that will contribute to the sharing of knowledge and experience among the members, the creation of synergy, the establishment and development of new relations-cooperations,as a representative of the business World.

We conduct researches for the protection and efficient use of our country’s ecological and natural resources, while contributing to the development of the legal and institutional infrastructure of the free market economy in our country, we are working on the protection and development of consumer rights.

We determine the problems of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs; We analyse local general, micro-macro, cause-effect relationships, and produce definitive and permanent solutions in cooperation with authorized bodies.